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Anhui Elite Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing large-scale household appliances of non-standard equipment and moulds, located in Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The transportation is very convenient. It is less than 100 kilometers away from Hefei and Nanjing Airport. The factory area is 26600 square meters. It can achieve the annual production capacity of 1000 sets of non-standard equipment and moulds. .....  
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15 years of brand precipitation, focus on intensive research, in order to provide customers with professional home appliances, elevators, anti-theft doors and other complete equipment solutions
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Objective to unify the internal standards of the company, standardize the operation of bending process, improve the efficiency of bending process and ensure product quality……
Transfer security doors and steel doors are currently the mainstream varieties of door entry, because its surface treatment is mainly wood grain, more high-end, atmospheric, beautiful……
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Stamping and sheet metal production are related to many fields of the manufacturing industry. In recent years, as China has become a manufacturing center and a big consumer in the world……
Sheet metal processing technology continues to improve, especially in some precision stainless steel bending, stainless steel decoration bending, aluminum alloy bending, aircraft parts bending……
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Car maintenance is divided into three parts, machine maintenance now the circuit and machine maintenance is integrated, the classification is only sheet metal and paint……
With the continuous deepening of social construction in our country, sheet metal parts are gradually used in people's life. In general……
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